It All Happens in the First 60 Seconds

“A hiring manager makes a decisive qualification of a job candidate within the first 60 seconds of the time they meet.”

60 Seconds, a long time:

While the first sixty seconds can’t replace the hard work of preparation prior to the interview, a lot can be accomplished in 60 seconds.

The time has come to meet your prospective employer, and if he or she is going to make a decision in the first 60 seconds of your first meeting you will want to influence that decision. You have the ability to determine the outcome of the first minute, and there is a lot of preparation to be done!

What can be accomplished in 60 seconds:

 You can…

  • Convey an impressive “look.” Strive to exceed all of his or her expectations and leave long-standing first impressions
  • Exhibit your positive interpersonal skills. You want your interviewer to see you as the polite, professional, and confident person you are
  • Make a connection. You will attempt to make a personal connection with your interviewer that will facilitate a comfortable, positive, and advantageous interaction.

The Objective:

The objective of the first look is to elicit a remarkable response from the interviewer, something on the order of – Wow! Yes! Whew!

  • Wow, this person looks even better than I had imagined.
  • Yes, I made a great decision bringing this person in for an interview (and I think I’m going to have a great new employee soon).
  • Whew, I may not have been absolutely sure before, but I am now; this is exactly the type of person I want on my team.