Aerospace Medicine Physician

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Location Egg Harbor, New Jersey
Date Posted March 11, 2018
Category Physician
Job Type Full-time
Internal Job ID 18-00057


MD/DO - Aerospace Medicine Physician
Atlantic City Needs Your Talents on the Coast…

The Community - Egg Harbor, NJ
Great Egg Harbour got its name from explorer Cornelius Jacobsen Mey. During the Dutch desires for settlement and expansion in the "New World" in 1614, Mey came upon the inlet to this river. The meadows were so covered with shorebird and waterfowl eggs that he called it "Eyren Haven" (Egg Harbor). Egg Harbor Township, as it remains today, encompasses 41,600 acres. It includes the villages of Bargaintown (the seat of government), English Creek, Scullville, Steelmanville, McKee City, Cardiff, Farmington and West Atlantic City.

USCG Clinic at Air Station Atlantic City
Air Station Atlantic City became operational 18 May, 1998. The Air Station is located at the William J. Hughes Federal Aviation Administration Technical Center at the Atlantic City International Airport, New Jersey. Our goal is to make available information on Coast Guard Air Station missions and activities as well as information on the many other activities of the U.S. Coast Guard nationwide.

REQUIREMENTS (duties include but are not limited to)

  • Ensure the fitness for unrestricted worldwide duty of active duty personnel;
  • Make appropriate referrals to specialists as required of eligible beneficiaries following existing policy and regulations;
  • Diagnose and treat the sick and injured in accordance to the acceptable standards of the profession;
  • Treat eligible beneficiaries for chronic medical conditions;
  • Prevent and control disease;
  • Promote health, and healthy life styles;
  • Give advice on such matters as hygiene, sanitation and safety;
  • Ensure that personnel are physically and psychologically fit for duty and attempt to learn of any unusual circumstances, which might adversely affect proficiency;
  • Maintain open and professional communication with members of the clinic and the command;
  • Request diagnostic studies such as laboratory and x-rays, electrocardiograms (EKGs);
  • Notify, or assure notification, to each patient of the results of PAP smears, mammograms, biopsies, pregnancy tests, and all tests whose results indicate a need to initiate or change in treatment. Notifications shall be made within 48 hours of the receipt of the results from the respective laboratory;
  • Prescribe appropriate medications in accordance with Chapter 10 of the Coast Guard Medical Manual;
  • Report any occurrence of communicable diseases to the Coast Guard Supervising Medical Officer, and Cooperate with Federal. State, and Local Agencies for preventing disease reporting communicable diseases and collecting vital statistics;
  • Be familiar with Chapter 3 of the Coast Guard Medical Manual dealing with Physical Standards for Aviation personnel.
  • Perform routine physical examinations in accordance with the requirements of Chapter 3 of the Coast Guard Medical Manual and report all findings on Standard Form 88, Report of Medical Examination and Standard Form 93, Report of Medical History;
  • Follow Coast Guard regulations, policies and directives when arranging appropriate referrals or consults. The contract provider shall inform the patient of the required referral or consult and the specialty evolved. The provider shall not recommend to the patient that he/she consult a specific practitioner or use a specific practice. The provider shall forward the referral, consult and the patient to the appropriate clinic staff to process the request for referral or consult;
  • Be familiar with the duties, responsibilities, and limitations of health service technicians as described in appropriate manuals and instructions which will be made available upon commencement of services during clinic orientation;
  • Provide on-the-job medical training in clinical treatment for Health Services School students (at Petaluma only) and clinic personnel as requested by the Chief of Health Services or the Clinic Administrator;
  • Evaluate and determine each patient’s ability to work and record such determination
    in the patient’s health record, including an expiration date for the assigned duty status and specific limitations. The following statuses apply:
  • Fit for Full Duty (FFFD): Patient is not physically restricted or limited for any job that the Coast Guard might assign to him/her, regardless of current job assignment.
  • Fit for Limited Duty (FFLD): Patient is physically restricted or limited. Examples are: office work only; no lifting, stooping, prolonged standing, jumping; no sea duty; etc.
  • Not Fit for Duty (NFFD): Patient cannot perform any assigned tasks regardless of assignment.
  • Inform the Senior Coast Guard Medical Officer of any patient not using or following the prescribed treatment program;
  • Report any occurrence of communicable diseases to the Senior Coast Guard Medical Officer;
  • Make a health record entry for every patient the provider sees in accordance with Chapter 4 of the Coast Guard Medical Manual.
  • Subjective Objective Assessment Plan (S.O.A.P.) format and other criteria. Update as required by the medical officer each patient's health record entry a written determination of the patient's ability to work, including an expiration date for the assigned duty status, and specific limitations. There may be special limitations for persons with sea duty or aviation duty status;
  • (depending on workload) be required to take blood pressure, temperature and all other related duties as required during the screening of patients;
  • (depending on workload) be required to obtain laboratory specimens as required;


  • Must have a Medical Doctor (MD) or Doctor of Osteopathy (DO) degree from an accredited school of medicine in the U.S.
  • Must possess a Basic Military Aerospace Medicine Certification or be Board Certified in Aerospace Medicine OR
  • Must be Board Certified in Family Practice, Internal Medicine, or Emergency Medicine.
  • Must possess at least 24 months of recent experience in the aerospace medicine field.
  • Must have and maintain all current licenses and certifications necessary to practice as a physician.
  • Must have and maintain a Basic Life Support (BLS) and Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) certification as approved by the American Heart Association (AHA).
  • Must have and maintain a DEA registration.

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